You might believe that the way your life is right now will remain in the next years, but it’s a tricky thing to believe. …

It’s quite ironic that I considered moving to Canada because of their nice, cold weather while today in that country there has been the second day of the heatwave — the record temperature of 49.6C. …

First, I couldn’t sleep that night when I saw you

You were standing there, in front of me, we met in summer again

The pieces matched this time and the wind was right

We made it and reached the pick together

So relieved, this time


When you imagine the…

“How do you keep it vertical when the wind blows? How to dance when the ground is burning? I struggle to feel myself for a moment. Punch me in the head, where is the short cut?”

This is a translation of a song that I heard yesterday. It quite resonated…

You might not pay attention to the people you pass on the street every day knowing that they are just like you, like the people you know, like the majority of society, normal citizens, with normal stories, dreams, and ideas. …

Emily in trouble

True to myself. Underground music and traumas of my life.

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