Emily in trouble
1 min readJun 22, 2020

First, I couldn’t sleep that night when I saw you

You were standing there, in front of me, we met in summer again

The pieces matched this time and the wind was right

We made it and reached the pick together

So relieved, this time


When you imagine the most beautiful picture

Can you see it too?

I think you knew we could get there

Me and you

But now you are gone

and this is why I really let myself get out of control

Not because of the stuff we’ve done

or the words that followed

not because of the needles in our skin,

but because you’re gone

It came to me out of nowhere,

I didn’t expect to be hit

the storm of it

It comes to me at night and I cannot wrap my head around

this feeling and the taste

of your absence

your faith gone.